West Virginia University Health Affairs Institute
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Training and Technical Assistance

Health Affairs Institute develops problem-solving solutions and operational sustainability in all our training and technical assistance efforts.

We build on the strengths of an organization, empowering clients to address internal challenges and expand operational capacity.

Our in-house subject matter experts help our partners identify gaps in their systems, from organizational conflict and staffing shortages to financial and geographical constraints. We take an investigative, mixed-methods approach to data collection, determining what’s working and what needs improvement for our partners to achieve their goals.  

Recognizing the persistent employment gaps in healthcare, Health Affairs crafts trainings that lessen the burden on an already stretched workforce by promoting patient engagement. Further fostering this independence, our teams work with providers and other stakeholders to address limitations such as low-broadband areas and individuals’ lack of phone access.

When partners need technical assistance understanding financial factors within their organization, Health Affairs begins investigating any indicators of cost. Examining present data, our multidisciplinary project teams determine what further information is needed to improve data collection that supports effective cost analysis. Using this evidence, Health Affairs cultivates creative, cost-effective solutions that streamline activities within the organization.  

Health Affairs also applies these methods to helping organizations comply with federal regulatory requirements, developing techniques that ensure secure health data use and protection.

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