Medicaid Services

We partner with federal and state agencies in the critical areas of health data analytics, program management, evaluation, education, and outreach to support both providers and costefficient, quality care.

Medicaid covers 28% of West Virginians, including four out of nine children.

Health Affairs Institute, through its state-university partnership, works closely with the Medicaid program in West Virginia. Our staff includes subject matter experts on Medicaid administrative data analysis, service provision, and policy analysis. 

Our work leads to novel healthcare delivery approaches and savings for Medicaid service provision and other health service areas, and helps to understand and improve the lives of Medicaid beneficiaries in our state. Our public impact research initiatives focused on Medicaid services and outcomes greatly benefit the residents of Appalachia, the nation, and beyond, since nearly one-third of West Virginians receive Medicaid benefits.  


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