West Virginia University Health Affairs Institute
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Focus Areas

Health Affairs Institute provides expert services to address many complex issues, which we group into six focus areas. Our highly skilled staff, led by subject matter experts in each area, use data and analysis to keep themselves on the cutting edge of their fields.


Medicaid Services

We partner with state agencies in the critical areas of health data analytics, program management, and evaluation to ensure cost efficiency and quality care beneficiaries.

Home and Community-Based Services

We provide expert assessment of various modes of healthcare delivery, from telehealth to long-term care, which can particularly benefit vulnerable populations.

Workforce Development

Public health workers and first responders benefit from leading-edge skills training, which we can help develop, implement, and evaluate.

Population Health and Public Health Surveillance

We specialize in gathering and analyzing data about population-level health outcomes to better inform our partners and paint an accurate portrait of a community.

Behavioral Health

We study prevention and alleviation across the continuum of behavioral health services, from substance use disorder treatment to children’s mental health.

Health Information Services

We offer expert leadership and strategic guidance with the modernization and expansion of IT services and infrastructure, especially in rural areas.

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Health Affairs Institute 
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Health Affairs Institute
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