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Public Impact Research

Utilizing our connection to West Virginia University, a land-grant university with an R1 research designation, Health Affairs Institute engages in diverse forms of research. Public impact research, meaning research that is designed to serve and better society, is at the heart of our mission. Public impact research provides the insights and tools for community leaders, policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to design evidence-based responses and solutions, from legislation to economic development plans.

Health Affairs works with the state to identify issues that are important to West Virginia communities—societal issues that range from medical and environmental crises to economic and technological challenges. Throughout our data collection and assessment, we emphasis the value of community collaboration.

By integrating the public’s perspectives, culture, and place-based needs, we produce informed evaluations that are stakeholder-centered, easily understood, and meet communities’ needs. Through quantitative and qualitative research, including secondary datasets and case studies alongside focus groups and surveys, we gather tangible insights that show how this research affects everyday life.

Publicizing this information is a crucial component to public impact research. Our marketing and communications team pinpoints the most newsworthy aspects of this work and develops dissemination plans to reach the precise people and local groups who stand to benefit.

Through interviews with community partners, social media and email campaigns, and multimedia storytelling, Health Affairs ensures this important work reaches target audiences and inspires future interest.

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