Program Manager




MA, Political Science, Marshall University
BA, Political Science, Marshall University

In her role as program manager, Emily works with a diverse group of research and business professionals to produce high quality work products that exceed client expectations on time and within budget. Emily leverages her skills in team dynamics, effective communication strategies, and strategic planning to create valuable partnerships between the Health Affairs team and the clients they serve.  

Emily has dedicated her career to improving the lives of her fellow West Virginians through working in nonprofit management focusing on adult learning, case management services, and affordable housing. 

Emily is currently serving on the Mountain State Assessment of Trends in Community Health (MATCH) program, which is a population health survey that collects state and substate estimates on priority health topics (e.g., health status and behaviors, mental health, and healthcare access). Data collected by the MATCH will help develop and inform policy, identify resource and service gaps, and identify emerging health concerns and trends.    

Emily has been working in the population health and public health surveillance focus area through her work on the MATCH program. Collecting data that is representative down to the county level, MATCH will help inform community-based organizations, policymakers, legislators, and the general public on the most pressing health concerns across the state so that they are better equipped to allocate resources and inform interventions to improve the health outcomes of all West Virginians. 

Through her work at Health Affairs, Emily has developed and honed her skills in survey research, program development and implementation, project management, and public impact research. 

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