Senior Health Data Analyst




MS, Biostatistics, West Virginia University
MS, Finance, West Virginia University
MBA, West Virginia University 

Yilin is a Senior Health Data Analyst with the Health Affairs Institute, dedicated to using health data analytics to enhance the quality of care and health outcomes for Medicaid enrollees in West Virginia. Yilin’s expertise lies in behavioral health services and prescription drug use among substance use populations. Yilin has been supporting multiple projects, which include the 11-15 SUD Waiver Evaluation, the Medicaid Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes and Recovery (MOTOR) Study, the Telehealth Pilot project, an independent study for All-Payer Claims Databases (APCD) project, and the Medicaid Outcomes Distributed Research Network (MODRN) project. She has also focused on program evaluation to assess the impact of policy changes on health outcomes, costs, and service utilization through advanced statistical modeling techniques.  

Prior to joining the Health Affairs Institute, Yilin gained experience as a research assistant for PIs from various backgrounds at WVU. She participated in clinical studies on topics such as substance dependence, methamphetamine use and infectious disease, breast cancer treatment, and atrial fibrillation treatment.


Published Works:

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