Research Specialist




MPH, Epidemiology, West Virginia University
BS, Community Health Education, Fairmont State University

Elena works to support the Medicaid Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes and Recovery (MOTOR) team to develop and refine deliverables. As a public health professional, she has dedicated her career to improving the health and well-being of communities through data-driven research and analysis.

In her role with the Health Affairs Institute, Elena has capability in mixed methodology that she uses when collecting and synthesizing data, conducting literature reviews, interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Elena is passionate about finding innovative solutions to address complex public health issues. In addition to her work with opioid use disorder, she also previously worked on the COVID Policy Evaluation project, examining the impact of public health measures on healthcare utilization and health outcomes in the West Virginia Medicaid population. 

Elena’s focus is primarily on behavioral health, with capabilities in survey research, public impact research, and policy analysis and evaluation. Her interest in infectious diseases and harm reduction further informs her work in public health, as she believes that prevention and early intervention are key to addressing these complex health challenges. Through her research, Elena strives to promote evidence-based practices that improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities. 

Published Works: