Research Associate


PhD, Social and Behavioral Sciences, West Virginia University
MSPH, Tropical Medicine, Tulane University
BS, Environmental Science, Allegheny College

Angela Dyer, PhD, MSPH, is a Research Associate at West Virginia University Health Affairs Institute. In her role, Dr. Dyer collaborates on interdisciplinary research and evaluation teams, works with the state to leverage data and support analytic and policy needs, conducts associated data analysis and program evaluation activities, and leads or supports research and deliverable development. Her interests center on using multi- and mixed-methods evaluation and research practices to understand and improve access to and quality of services, particularly maternal and child health programming, and correspondingly inform advancements in research and evaluation approaches. Her current focus is activities associated with the Mountain State Assessment of Trends in Community Health (MATCH) project. 

With expertise in public impact research and an extensive decades-long background in program evaluation, Dr. Dyer has led research and evaluation work in the focus areas of behavioral health, workforce development, population health and public health surveillance, and home and community-based services. Examples of her work include: the evaluation of the State Targeted Response (STR) to the Opioid Crisis Grant, the workload study of child welfare service workers, and an evaluation on the delivery of a home visitation program model’s prenatal physical activity curriculum.

Dr. Dyer also spent three years as an embedded employee with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), Bureau for Behavioral Health (BBH), where she led and provided evaluation support.


Published Works:

  • Christiana RW, Daily SM, Bias, TK, Haas V, Dyer AM, Shay, E, Hege, A, Broce, R, Venrick, H, Abildso, CG. Effectiveness of a Point-of-Decision Prompt to Encourage Physical Distancing on Greenways and Rail-Trails During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Environ Behav. 2022. doi:0.1177/0013916522111489 
  • Daily, SM, Dyer, AM, Lilly, CL, Sarkees, EA, & Bias, TK. Using Adverse Childhood Experiences to Explore the Usefulness of Community Health Needs Assessments to Monitor Complex Determinants of Health at the Local Level. Eval Program Plann. 2021. 102044. doi:10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2021.102044 
  • Bias T, Daily SM, Abildso CG, Venrick H, Shay E, Moyers S, Hege A, Haas V, Dyer A, Broce R, Christiana RW. Systematic Observation of Physical Distancing Behaviors of Trail Users During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Healthy Eating and Active Living. 2021;1(3): 111-116. doi:10.51250/jheal.v1i3.19 
  • Dyer AM, Daily SM, Davidov, DM, Anderson S, Giacobbi PR, Lilly C, Sommerkorn RE, Abildso CG. A Qualitative Assessment of Home Visitors’ Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Delivering Prenatal Physical Activity Curriculum Modules. Children and Youth Services Review. 2020;116. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.105228. 
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  • Abildso CG, Shawley S, Owens S, Dyer A, Bulger SM, Jones DL, Jones EM, Murphy E, Olfert MD, Elliott E. An Evaluability Assessment of the West Virginia Physical Activity Plan, 2015: Lessons Learned for Other State Physical Activity Plans. Prev Chronic Dis. 2016;13:E177. doi:10.5888/pcd13.160307.